Prayer and Prophetic Conference


  First Good Samaritan AME Zion Church, 3209 Pennsylvania Ave., Erie, Pa,

"And what's that I hear? The cry of a woman in labor, the screams of a mother giving birth to her firstborn. It's the cry of ZION, gasping for breath, reaching out for help. . ." Jeremiah 4:31 (The Message)



 Conference Host:  Prophet Anita McCoy, Pastor of The Healing Clinic of Erie, PA

 Dates of the Conference:  December 7th and 8th, 2012

This conference is a gathering of those who HEAR THE CALL to be Christ's representative in the region via intercessory and prophetic/apostolic mantles being RELEASED! The "Earth is groaning and ZION is travailing~ CAN YOU HEAR THE CALL?"


Speakers: Friday @ 7pm - Pastor Veda Holland, Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Grove City, PA ;

                  Saturday @ 10am - Pastor Pam Schnelzer, Shiloh Intrusion Ministries, Grove City, PA;

                  Saturday @ 2pm - Prophet Albert Jennings, Repairers of the Breach Ministries,  

                  Pittsburgh, PA.



Registration is Free~ Prophetic Ministry and Healing will be administered.



 Meet Pastor Veda Holland, Pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church, Grove City, PA

Veda holland was born in Akron Ohio to Calvin and Alberta Marshall. She accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as her personal savior at age 13 while attending an alternative school for "bad girls". She was radically saved during the 1970's when the Jesus movement was prevalent.

She attended Slippery Rock University as a nontraditional student graduating magna cum laude in 2004 earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work. She earned her Masters of Social Work Degree from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work with a Certification in community organizing and social administration. She is employed as a clinical therapist working with adolescent males and their families in the juvenile justice system at George Junior Republic in Grove City, PA for the past five years. She has worked in the past as a shelter manager serving victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Veda received her call to preach by divine revelation of the Holy Spirit. Her call was confirmed by a word of knowledge given by her pastor, the late Jonathan L. Ragster of Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Grove City, Pa. She preached her first sermon under the leadership of Pastor Russell V. Penn and was licensed to preach under the leadership of Solomon Armstead, both former pastors of Mt. Olive. She served as the interim pastor of Mt. Olive for 13 months and was officially installed and ordained into office in May 2011. She is a member of the Sons and Daughters of Bishop Stanley K. Smith Ministerial Alliance. She was recently elected to serve as Vice President of the Grove City Ministerial Association.

Veda has been married to Gary L. Holland for 31 years. They have three children and live in Sandy Lake. Pa.


Meet Apostle Pam Schnelzer,  Overseer & Founder of Shiloh Intrusion Ministries, Inc., Grove City, PA

Pastor Pam Schnelzer was a licensed minister with Church of God, Cleveland, TN  from November 7, 1996 until October 11, 2001 under the blessing of Pastors Brad & Betty Caddell, Grandview Church of God, Pittsburgh, PA.  As the kingdom work of Shiloh Intrusion Ministries was birthed in April 2001, she became associated with Dr. Robert Gladstone of Fire School of Ministry, Concord, NC and also with Bishop Alvin J. McCoy, founder and overseer of Apostolic Ministries, Inc., Farrell, PA.  Pastor Pam Schnelzer was ordained by Bishop Alvin J. McCoy on June 12, 2005 and in November, 2011, under the inspiration and direction of the Lord, Bishop Alvin J. McCoy ordained her as an Apostle.  She was privileged to teach in the Apostolic School of Ministry in Farrell, PA. 


Pastor Pam received her call from the Lord in 1991with the words, “Go forth and bring forth My church.”  Pastor Pam, her husband, Tom and their five children, moved from Pittsburgh to Grove City, PA, and they began a work in their home.  In 1995, under the direction of the Lord and with a heart of the Kingdom and unity, they joined and served with and under another work and on April 19, 1995, she was placed in a leadership position of prayer and intercession.  She went on to serve under Spiritual Warfare Network (now SPN) and Barbara Knight as an advisory board member of the state of Pennsylvania.  During this time, she was blessed to participate in several prayer journeys to Argentina under Harvest Evangelism and Ed Silvoso, to Israel with Watchman International and Lars Enarson, and to the Dominican Republic with Barbara Knight of Whirlwind Ministries.  In 2009, she again returned to Israel to participate in prayer ministry with Eagles Wings Ministries under Reverend Robert Stearns and the “Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” initiatives. 


With a strong foundation in prayer and intercession, the Lord brought forth this work of the Kingdom with these instructions, “This ministry shall be called ‘Shiloh Intrusion Ministries’, My house shall be a house of prayer and do not forget Israel.”


Pastor Pam Schnelzer has a heart for true foundational restoration of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, both biblically and historically.  She has a heart to serve the body of Christ in a spirit of love and unity, bringing the presence of the Holy Spirit and a message of the Gospel of the Kingdom in repentance, reconciliation, restoration and the knowledge of God‘s heart for Israel.  God has called her to the body of Christ to re-ignite the altars of prayer.  She has a mandate to see leaders come together in divine assignment, in prayer and pure authority to move darkness over regions so that city/regional transformation can occur.  “God is listening for a corporate cry.  His Presence will come, and we will see pure awakening in the nations.  As the body of Christ comes into her divine call, she will be used to draw Israel back to her Messiah.”


Pastor Pam and her husband, Tom who works by her side, have been married for 31 years.  They have five children and five beautiful grandchildren:  Tom who is married to Courtney has three children: Tommy-9, Samuel-6 and Abigail-2; Kim ( a missionary); Mark; Rebecca who is married to Dustin with one child Riley-;1 and Lisa who is married to Steven with one child Steven Jace-1.



Meet Prophet Abe Jennings, Founder and Pastor of Repairer of the Breach Ministries, Pittsburgh, PA

Albert Jennings, Jr., AKA Prophet Abe, a native of Pittsburgh, PA is identified as a prophet to the nations.  In 1981 two significant events occurred: he married his wife, Valerie, and he was set apart for the Master’s use.  He was tutored and mentored by Pastor Terry Walker who helped him understand his varied giftings.  He has served as minister, evangelist, and teacher at Lighthouse Fellowship and Deliverance Center.  Albert Jennings, Jr. presently is Pastor at Repairer of the Breach Ministries of Southside Pittsburgh, PA.  As the Founder of Repairer of the Breach Ministries, Prophet Abe has a heart for the plight of drug addicts, alcoholics, and the homeless.  Bishop Joe Garlington introduced Prophet Abe to various ministries which have enhanced Prophet Abe's ministry, e.g., Kathy Lechner, Cindy Jacobs, Kim Clement, and Dr. David Ireland all of whom are prophetic and great teachers of the Word of God.  

Prophet Abe is a contemporary prophet with a great love for Jesus and His truth. His prophecies are capable of identifying one's past, present and foretelling the future - all in the spirit of love to encourage, edify, exhort, and to comfort as the Lord requires of HIS prophets and the messages they bring.  Prophet Abe functions at a clear revelatory level accompanied by healings and miracles.


Out of his deep intimacy with Jesus, Prophet Abe displays supersensitivity to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to the Body of Christ today. He is unabashedly bold in his love for Jesus.