It's not that the people of God do not know the voice of the Lord, because Jesus Christ declared, "My sheep know my voice. . . (John 10: 4, 5, 27)", more so the challenge is that the moment Christ speaks then the winds of adversity tend to blow with greater intensity.  In Matthew 14:22 - 33 we see the story of Jesus commanding His disciples to 'get into the ship to  go to the other side.' Surely in this instruction there was purpose (a mission, ministry).  But the wind was raging, boisterous, contrary. Contrary to what? Contrary to the mission or ministry that was going to take place on the other side. The story says that the disciples, seeing Jesus walking on the water were afraid; they thought they were seeing a ghost. Contrary winds blow to make you feel delusional, crazy, and to some psychotic. Jesus speaks to His disciples, "Be of good cheer, it is I."  Peter says, "Lord, if it is really you, command me to come to you on the water."

First of all, I point out here that the voice of the Lord caused Peter to forget about the wind that was tossing the ship.  Jesus in reply to Peter said one word, "COME."  On the strength of that ONE WORD Peter had supernatural ability to DO what He saw Jesus doing!  Only when Peter saw the contrary wind did he begin to sink. Peter allowed the contrary wind to distract him instead of allowing that "wind" to validate or confirm that he was on track.  What I'm saying is the wind of adversity is your confirmation that you heard the voice of God and you're MOVING in the right direction!

 There's another significant lesson in this story for this time and season in your life; let's focus back on Peter again.  Peter heard the VOICE of the Lord and was granted "supernatural divine ability."  The Spirit of the Lord is saying ~ "It's not about what you see, BUT WHAT DID I SAY?"  When Jesus spoke, "Get into the boat and go to the other side," and when He told Peter, "Come" that was all the power the disciples and Peter needed to get to their next assignment or next level.  We understand this when we understand that the Lord God only speaks commands and in His commands is the power of being or manifestation!

 Remember Genesis 1:2, God said, " Let there be light" and light was.

What the voice of the Lord says to you in this season has the force and power to bring about the manifestation of the promises of God!  The devil knows this so he, being the prince of the power of the air, will cause contrary winds to blow to get you off course!  Beat the devil at his game as it were and began to declare, and therefore decree what THUS SAITH THE LORD!

Your declarations and decrees reinforces the voice of the Lord in your life and propels you to your DESTINY!