Anita McCoy is a dynamic woman that God has raised up to be "His Voice" to the nations!  Anita received Jesus Christ in her heart at the tender age of 3 years old, and at 4 years old recalls moments where she had encounters with the realm of the supernatural.  At the age of 12 Anita was water baptized, and filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost at the age of 14.  Anita's parents, both ministers of the Gospel, taught her and her three younger brothers to live a life in total submission and service to the Lord Jesus.  Today, Anita and her brothers are gifted preachers and teachers of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Anita initially received her ministerial license in the early 1990's under the leadership of Bishop Sidney Wheatley at Unity Christian Fellowship in Williamsport, PA and served as an Elder in that local assembly.  On December  6, 2002 Anita was ordained a Prophet and Teacher under the apostolic covering of Pastor Debbie Botteicher of Altoona, PA and Prophet Rick Rannie of Unity Church of Jesus Christ in State College, PA. 
Anita served many years as Praise and Worship Leader in the Body of Christ, carrying out that assignment faithfully for 17 years in a number of local churches in the North Central part of Pennsylvania.  In 2004 Anita was released by New Life Church in Muncy, PA to sent forth to fulfill the vision and call of God to 'pray for the city of Erie'.  Out of this call was birthed His Echo Ministries in the Spring of 2006.  As a prophet and teacher Anita's ministry began to expand as she realized her passionate call to equip the Body of Christ for works of service and ministry.  In 2009, after receiving from the Lord a mandate to restore the ministry of healing to the Body of Christ, Anita opened "The Healing Clinic", a transformation center with an emphasis on apostolic teaching, strategic prayer and prophetic ministry that results in healing of the whole man, spirit, soul and body.  As God began to deal with Anita in the Fall of 2013 to "expand" ministry services, Field of Dreams Harvest Ministries was founded December 2013.  As Founding Pastor/Director of Field of Dreams Harvest Ministries, Anita has a mandate to advance the Kingdom of God through apostolic and prophetic training, leadership development and discipleship - to reproduce reproducers who will be properly equipped to fulfill their God-ordained destiny and to go into ALL the world to preach, teach and demonstrate Kingdom dynamics and principles!
In addition to carrying out these ministries assigned to Anita, she also serves as Vice President of Leadership Development of  Aglow International for Northwestern PA.  Prophet Anita loves being sent and used by God.  She has ministered in various parts of the United States, as well as East Africa and India.  Where ever Anita goes, there are testimonies of souls being restored, lives being changed, ministry gifts being activated and healings taking place as people are touched by the POWER of the Jesus who is present to HEAL. 

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