God can heal you through fasting. It is important to realize that when God created you He placed inside your physical body the ability to heal itself. A study of pathology tells us that disease (DIS- EASE) and germs are the cause of sickness in the body. Remove these two culprits and the body will heal itself. SO technically the doctor, surgery and medicine do not heal; their role is to isolate disease and germs and remove them so that your body can do what it was designed by God to do – HEAL ITSELF.

Fasting allows your body to eliminate impurities and toxins, and gives the systems of your body a "rest" period allowing the body to come into balance. Fasting and prayer activates the supernatural power of God for divine intervention to take place. YOU have a very important role to perform. Your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, is conditioned to respond to your voice! You can ACTIVATE YOUR HEALING BY SPEAKING THE WORD OF GOD to your body!
Be well in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!